Lun (Tovernele) Ferry Port

Lun (Tovernele) ferry port is located on the island of Pag, Croatia.
Ferry routes to and from Lun (Tovernele) are currently served by 1 company going to 1 destination. In the high season there are 3 journeys per day. In the low season there are 0 or 1 journeys per day.

Photo of Lun (Tovernele) ferry port

Ferry port Lun (Tovernele)

Map of Lun (Tovernele) ferry port

Map of ferry port Lun (Tovernele)

Location of Lun (Tovernele) ferry port

Map of ferry port Lun (Tovernele)

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Lun (Tovernele) to Rab Ferries

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Lun (Tovernele) ferry port address

Tovarnele bay, 53294, Lun, pag Island, Croatia

Map of Lun (Tovernele) Area Ferries

Lun (Tovernele) Ferries Map

More information

Lun (Tovarnele) is a small ferry port and bay on the island of Pag. It is connected by foot passenger only ferry to Rab ferry port on Rab Island.
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