New Ferry Port Stinica in operation from May 2012

An introduction of new ferry port Stinica near Senj, CroatiaThe new ferry port Stinica, which will be the main ferry terminal for Rab island ferries, will be opened in May this year.  

The good news was confirmed last week by Croatian deputy minister for transport and maritime affairs Zdenko Antešić.

Stinica ferry port is located just few kilometres away from Jablanac where the ferry terminal construction started back in 2007.

The new ferry terminal will be suitable to serve large ferries as the sea depth in the Stinica bay is 5.5 meters deep.

It is expected that Stinica ferry port will be the permanent solution for ferry transport between Croatian mainland and Island of Rab.

By introduction of this new ferry port, Island of Rab ferry connections will have much faster and better service.

Important note: As soon as terminal opens, all ferries that are currently sailing between Jablanac and Misnjak will continue to sail from Stinica to Misnjak ferry port. Stay tuned for further information an check info and maps of Stinica ferry port.