Polace (Mljet) to Ubli (Lastovo) Ferries

Connects ferry port Polace (Mljet) on the island of Mljet with ferry port Ubli (Lastovo) on the island of Lastovo.
This ferry route to Ubli (Lastovo) is currently served by 1 company: TP Line. In the high season it runs twice per week from Polace (Mljet). In the low season this route does not run. Journey time is 2 hours 05 minutes. The price of a foot passanger ticket is 10.35 Euro.
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Timetables for ferry from Polace (Mljet) to Ubli (Lastovo)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic information: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are likely to be many alternations and cancellations of the ferry schedules. Please double-check the live updates on the ferry operators and service provider’s websites.

Timetable for July to August

Ferry route 9807 run by TP Line
As this is a foot-passenger only ferry, cars are not permitted on board the ferry Catamaran Nona Ana. Pets are permitted on board, and bikes are permitted on board.
DaysFerry DepartureFerry Arrival
Monday and Friday09:5011:55

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Map of ferry route between Polace (Mljet) and Ubli (Lastovo)

Map of ferry route between Polace (Mljet) and Ubli (Lastovo)

Ferry Ticket Prices

Ferry Ticket Prices For Route 9807 From Polace (Mljet) to Ubli (Lastovo)
TransportHigh Season / EuroLow Season / Euro
Foot Passanger10.35 €- €

Please note: The company reserves the right to alter sailing times. While every care has been taken to ensure accuracy of the compilation of ferry timetables on this website, it is recommended that you check all schedules / timetables with specific ferry company