Sestrunj to Ist Ferries

Connects ferry port Sestrunj on the island of Sestrunj with ferry port Ist on the island of Ist.
This ferry route to Ist is currently served by 1 company: Jadrolinija. In the high season it runs twice per week from Sestrunj. In the low season this route does not run. Journey time is 2 hours 25 minutes.
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Timetables for ferry from Sestrunj to Ist

Timetable for June to September

Ferry route 433 run by Jadrolinija
Cars are permitted on board the ferry MT Sveti Juraj
DaysFerry DepartureFerry Arrival
Note: On Wednesday ferry stops in Zapuntel at 14:40. No cars allowed for Zapuntel

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Route Notes

The entire ferry route departs from Zadar and returns from Ist, also stopping at Rivanj, Sestrunj, Zverinac and Molat, visiting Croatian mainland, Rivanj island, Sestrunj island, Zverinac island, Molat island and Ist island.

Map of ferry route between Sestrunj and Ist

Map of ferry route between Sestrunj and Ist

Ferry Prices

Ferry Prices For Route 433 From Sestrunj to Ist
TransportHigh Season / HRKLow Season / HRK
Foot Passanger14 Kn13 Kn
Car (up to 5 m length)103 Kn86 Kn
Car (over 5 m length)160 Kn133 Kn
Trailer (up to 3 m length)62 Kn52 Kn
Trailer (3 to 5 m length)103 Kn86 Kn
Trailer (over 5 m length)160 Kn133 Kn
Camper/Motorhome (up to 5 m length)160 Kn133 Kn
Camper/Motorhome (5 to 7 m length)190 Kn158 Kn
Camper/Motorhome (over 7 m length)250 Kn208 Kn
Truck/Van/Lorry (up to 3 tonne)141 Kn117 Kn
Truck/Van/Lorry (3 to 4 tonne)188 Kn156 Kn
Truck/Van/Lorry (4 to 5 tonne)235 Kn195 Kn
Truck/Van/Lorry (each additional tonne)47 Kn39 Kn
Motorcycle / Moped36 Kn30 Kn
Motorcycle with Trailer54 Kn45 Kn
Bicycle19 Kn16 Kn

Please note: The company reserves the right to alter sailing times. While every care has been taken to ensure accuracy of the compilation of ferry timetables on this website, it is recommended that you check all schedules / timetables with specific ferry company