Blue Line Ferries

Blue Line Ferries

Blue Line International is Italian / Croatian  ferry company that runs ferries across the Adriatic sea between Italy and Croatia.

Historically, Blue Line International was found in Split in 1993 as  a SEM Maritime Company (SMC) and later on in 2003 established as its successor Blue Line International.

Currently , Blue Line is sailing from Ancona, Split and Hvar ferry ports offering:

Blue Line ferries are safe and comfortable with air-conditioned cabins, cafe-bar and restaurant that offers relaxing and enjoyable journey. Restaurant and café on ferries serve choice of tasty hot and cold food as well as selection of soft drinks, spirits and wines, as well as tea and coffee. See more info about Regina della Pace ferry

Here at you can book your ferry online with instant ticketing to Croatia or to Italy with Blue Line Ferries.

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Ferry company Blue Line runs the following routes:

  • Ferry route 66, connecting ferry port with

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