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ferry ports in Croatia

If you are interested to find out where you can travel to by ferry in Croatia, then is the best place to start! Here you will find the most comprehensive list of Croatian ferry ports and ferry timetables available on the web.

As a starting point, on this page - a Croatia ferry port guide by, you can find various information about all ferry ports in Croatia. Right below you will find an A-Z listing of all Croatian ferry ports. If you scroll further down you can also view a Map of all ferry ports. By simply clicking on the port link below you will be able to access all schedules / timetables for the ferry crossings of any chosen port.

Each ferry port guide provides three essential categories of information:

  • departure destinations from ferry ports - the list of places you can sail to from any selected ferry port
  • arrival destinations to ferry port - the list of places you can sail from to any given ferry port
  • how to get to the ferry port - the address, photos, location information and area map for each ferry port
For more info about how to book your ferry trip in Croatia, please check out our guide to booking ferries in Croatia.

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