Vrgada Ferry Port

Vrgada ferry port is located on the island of Vrgada, Croatia.
Ferry routes to and from Vrgada are currently served by 1 company going to 2 destinations. In the high season there are 4 to 10 journeys per day. In the low season there are 2 to 6 journeys per day.

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Ferry port Vrgada

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Map of ferry port Vrgada

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Map of ferry port Vrgada

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Ferry destinations from Vrgada ferry port

Vrgada to Biograd na Moru Ferries
Vrgada to Pakostane Ferries

Vrgada ferry port address

23210 Vrgada, Vrgada BB, Croatia

Map of Vrgada Area Ferries

Vrgada Ferries Map

More information

Small place and port Vrgada is the only settlement on the island. The port is surrounded with pine forest and is popular visitor's spot as ti also have lovely sany beach.
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