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Italy is located in Southern Europe and comprises the boot-shaped Italian Peninsula and a number of islands including the two largest, Sicily and Sardinia. The country's total area is about 300 thousands square km. Italy has a coastline and border of about 7500 kilometres on the Adriatic, Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. The country shares borders with France, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City and Croatia.

Currently, ferries that sail from Italy to Croatia are departing from Ancona, Bari, Cesenatico, Pesaro, Pescara, Trieste and Venice. See map of Italy to Istria (Croatia) ferries and check routes and current timetables below:

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Map of ferry ports on the Italian Mainland

Ferry ports on the Italian Mainland

A - Trieste
B - Venice (Venezia)
C - Cesenatico
D - Pesaro
E - Ancona
F - Pescara
G - Bari

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