Porozina (Cres) Ferry Port

Porozina (Cres) ferry port is located on the island of Cres, Croatia.
Ferry routes to and from Porozina (Cres) are currently served by 1 company: Jadrolinija, going to 1 destination. In the high season there are 13 journeys per day. In the low season there are 12 journeys per day. Journey time is 20 minutes. There is one ferry route passing through the port of Porozina (Cres); it does accept cars, does accept bicycles and does accept pets on board.

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Ferry port Porozina (Cres)

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Map of ferry port Porozina (Cres)

Location of Porozina (Cres) ferry port

Map of ferry port Porozina (Cres)

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Porozina (Cres) ferry port address and GPS coordinates

Porozina bb, Porozina, 51557 Cres, Croatia
GPS location coordinates: 45°7'50.0"N 14°17'19.0"E

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Porozina (Cres) Ferries Map

More information

Porozina is a small port town in Croatia, located on the northwest coast of Cres. It is connected by ferry to Brestova (Krsan municipality) on the Istria mainland.
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