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Lopud is an island in Dubrovnik's Elafite archipelago which is on about 7.5 nautical miles away from Dubrovnik's main ferry port. Another small island in the archipelago, with about 270 permanent inhabitants, it features just the main village and ferry port nested around the west-facing bay. From 11th century on Lopud was part of the Ragusa, the Dubrovnik Republic, and for some time it was a seat of its local governor. The island is well known for its lovely Franciscan monastery with amazing Cloister from 15th century and attached church of St Mary's that features some interesting Reinesance paintings. The island is a car-free zone and is well connected with Dubrovnik by foot passenger ferry crossings all year round. Great to visit as a day trip from Dubrovnik, beside the monastery and interesting architecture, Lopud also has a very popular Sunj beach, situated in the deep bay on the eastern side of the island, about 20 minutes easy walk from the ferry port. Great to visit in all seasons.

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