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  • Jos van Dijk

    Does anyone know about a ferry that can bring us from Durres Albania, or from a Montenegro port (Budva ?) to Dubrovnik (end of July)?


    Jos van Dijk
    The Netherlands


    There are no direct ferry routes on either of these crossings.

    For Dubrovnik to Albania ferry options:

    To travel by ferry from Durres, Albania to Dubrovnik you would need to take two ferries: the first one from Durres to Bari and another ferry from Bari to Dubrovnik. The same applies to the ferry from Dubrovnik to Durres or to any other place in Albania.

    There were recently some indications from ferry industry sources that Dubrovnik to Durres ferry route will be introduced, but so far, no further info about this.

    For Montenegro to Dubrovnik ferry options:

    Budva to Dubrovnik ferry was running in 2018 but since then, there is no indication that this route will be reintroduced. It was convenient, with 3 hours of ferry crossings a few times per week with a fast ferry that could take up to 140 passengers. The usual timetable was morning departure from Budva and evening departure from Dubrovnik.

    The available alternatives are bus or private transfer.



    If you need for whatever reason to travel by ferry from Durres in Albania to Dubrovnik you can take two ferries, one from Durres to Bari and another from Bari to Dubrovnik.
    Once you arrive from Durres, you will have time for sightseeing in Bari before taking a ferry to Dubrovnik.
    Details are here:
    Durres – Bari:

    Bari to Durres Ferry

    Bari – Dubrovnik


    Update for 2024 regarding the ferry crossings between Budva and Dubrovnik:

    Jan 2024: We are expecting this ferry line to be introduced in the summer of 2024.

    February 2024: According to Montenegro government sources, it seems that the “Kompas” fast ferry company will service this route in 2024. This new ferry line will operate during the summer season.

    Stay tuned for further news…

    May 2024 >>> more info is here: https://www.croatiaferries.com/topic/introducing-the-ferry-route-dubrovnik-to-budva-montenegro/

    The schedules, ticket prices, and detailed info:

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