Fast Catamaran Ferry from Zadar to Bozava, Silba, Mali Losinj and Susak

From 01.07.2022, the new fast ferry will start with an operation connecting Zadar with Susak stopping at Bozava (on Dugi Otok), Silba, and Mali Losinj.

Fast catamaran Ferry Antonija, Zadar to Susak
Fast catamaran Ferry Antonija, Zadar to Susak

This ferry line operated by G&V Line Iadera was introduced last summer and the plan is to continue with the operation for summer 2022.

G&V Line Iadera, a well-established Croatian ferry company, based in Zadar will serve the route by fast catamaran ferry Antonija, which they acquired in 2018.

Antonija, with a capacity of 200 passengers was built in 2002. This 31 meters long and 9.4 meters wide speedy catamaran offers comfortable, air-conditioned foot passenger journeys.

The entire ferry route will connect Zadar with Susak, Bozava, Silba, and Mali Losinj ports on the islands of Dugi Otok, Silba, and Losinj which is an ideal line for a great island hopping experience in the Kvarner bay.

Timings / Seasons

For 2022, the ferry will be in the operation on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays between the 1st of July and the end of August.


The ticket prices are between 70 and 200 HRK for one-way journeys. Return tickets are discounted by 10%. The ticket price includes luggage transport (1 handbag + 1 suitcase up to 20 kg weight)

Bicycles on board

Bicycles are allowed, with a limited transport capacity of 20 bicycles per journey.

Bicycle tickets are paid in cash when boarding.

Pets on board

Pets up to 7 kg can stay during the trip in the passenger salon, with their owner, next to the owner’s seat.

Pets (dogs) heavier than 7 kg are limited to the transport capacity of 2 dogs per journey.

Pet tickets are paid in cash when boarding.

Detailed schedules, prices, and additional info:

Zadar to Bozava port (Dugi otok island) and back
Zadar to Silba port and back
Zadar to Mali Losinj port (Losinj island) and back
Zadar to Susak port and back