‘Krilo Star’ (Kapetan Luka) Catamaran Ferry

Catamaran Ferry ‘Krilo Star’ is owned by the Krilo-Kapetan Luka ferry company and is currently sailing on the 9815 and 9817 ferry route that connects Split with Hvar.

Catamaran Ferry ‘Krilo Star’ owned by Krilo-Kapetan Luka, passing through the channel
Photo: Catamaran Ferry ‘Krilo Star’ owned by Krilo-Kapetan Luka, passing through the channel

Krilo Star, the class of HSC passenger vessels, was built in 2019 for Kapetan Luka, by the Gondan shipyard in Spain. It was delivered for Krilo Kapetan Luka in the same year.

This fast and comfortable vessel is now serving on Kapetan Luka’s all-year-round ferry routes connecting Dalmatian islands with the main ferry port in Split, Croatia.

With a length of 30 meters and a width of 9 meters, this foot-passenger ferry is capable to achieve a service speed of 36 knots. Its full capacity is 300 passengers. Onboard facilities include a bar offering snacks and drinks, air conditioning, toilets, pet facilities, panoramic sea views, bicycle racks, and a comfortable salon.

in the port of Dubrovnik
Photo: in the port of Dubrovnik

Vessel details

  • HSC passenger vessel
  • 30 m long & 9 m wide
  • The maximum speed of 36 knots
  • Capacity: 300 foot-passengers

In the 2024 summer season, this ferry is also servicing the popular island-hopping summer routes connecting Split and Dubrovnik.


Here are a recently taken couple of videos of the vessel. You can find more videos on our youtube channel. This video shows Krilo Star arriving at the port on a warm summer morning:

This is the video of Krilo Star, arriving in Dubrovnik with passengers disembarking:

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