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    My question is about bicycles on the car with car ferry crossings in Croatia

    We are looking to book several ferry crossings with Jadrolinija for this coming summer.

    Our car will be carrying two bikes on the back, we have a rack attached to the tow bar.

    I have several questions regarding this option:

    With the bikes loaded the car crosses from one price category to the next. I wonder if the cars are measured when we arrive at the port? I did a quote based on that extra length and the price was an additional euros which I would like to avoid paying if possible.

    Is it a good option to mount bicycles on the rooftop?
    Does anyone have any experience of this?


    Well, the trouble is when you have a bicycle carrier at the back of the car, your bikes might stop another car from getting on at the end of your line.

    I guess that all will depend on the season. In the off-season, they’ll probably be less fussy but in mid-August, they might just get that tape measure out  (just my guess).


    I think that the measurements are for the car only. As long as you are not towing anything I don’t think anyone is going to care.

    I suppose the worst that could happen is that you could be asked to unload the bikes and walk them onto the ferry but I guess in that case you have to pay for a bicycle/s as a separate vehicles too.

    It may be a good idea to check what is difference in ticket prices?

    Also, perhaps you can consider packing your bicycles in the bike bags as shown here:


    I just checked with Jadrolinija and found this :

    For bicycles carried on a rooftop, there is no extra charge. Due to space availability, please, report the additional height while purchasing the ticket For bicycles carried on a hatchback, a max length (vehicle + hatchback) must be reported. In case the total length does exceed 5 m, a ticket for a personal vehicle over 5 m length should be bought. No boarding is guaranteed for incorrectly declared vehicles.
    So, following this, I would suggest you mount a rooftop on your car and place your bicycle there if you prefer to pay a lower ticket price.


    Yes, mounting bikes on rooftops is a good idea, just you have to make sure that the length of the bicycles does not exceed the length of the vehicle. In this case, no additional fee is required.

    If the length of the bike exceeds the length of the vehicle, the price changes by a new total length.

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