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  • Mikelo

    I’m hoping to find out why I cannot book any ferries on the Dubrovnik to Zadar route for travel by ferry. Nothing is available in your listing.
    Are you able to confirm that:

    • Dubrovnik to Zadar will be operating next summer season?
    • If yes, when will you release schedules and allow tickets to be purchased?
    • If there is no ferry going from Dubrovnik to Zadar can I travel anywhere close to it?


    Mikelo, there is no direct ferry service between Dubrovnik and Zadar, which is why you can not find this route on the site.

    You will have to take the bus for part of the route. All ferries that leave Dubrovnik are sailing up to Split, however, for time being, no further. Hopefully, we will soon get some ferry lines that go further.

    Therefore, the nearest (or the best) transport option is:

    Dubrovnik to Zadar

    1. Step 1: Dubrovnik to Split by ferry:  https://www.croatiaferries.com/dubrovnik-split-ferry.htm
    2. Step 2: Split to Zadar by bus

    Alternatively, you can get a bus all the way to Zadar, but it is a very long journey, so I would not recommend that option.

    The bus from Dubrovnik to Zadar takes about 8 hours. If you take a ferry to Split (4.5 hours), the travel time to Zadar is similar but it is much more comfortable to spend hours on the ferry instead sitting in the narrow bus seat.

    Ticket Prices:

    • Dubrovnik to Split = 38 Euro (ferry)
    • Split to Zadar = 18 Euro (bus)
    • total = 56 Euro

    Bus Dubrovnik to Zadar is 8 hours and will cost you 33 euros.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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