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  • Bengt

    We will go by ferry service from Split to Lastovo on July 27 and back again on July 31.

    Also from Spit to Vis on July 31 and back again on August 4.

    Is there a way to cross between Vis and Lastovo without getting to Split?

    Is it possible to pre-book tickets – is there any risk that we will have problems getting two tickets?

    We are traveling by foot only.


    hi Bengt, if you are traveling as a foot passenger the easiest option is to take the catamaran fast ferry line from Vis to Hvar town on Tuesdays.

    You will arrive in Hvar in 50 minutes, and take from there another catamaran to Lastovo which is in the afternoon so by late afternoon you will arrive in Lastovo.

    This ferry crossing is about 2 hours.

    If you are driving and getting by car on the ferry, in that case, you have to go via Split.

    Regarding ticket bookings, it is very unlikely you will have a problem getting tickets for these ferries if you book in advance – online ticket booking is available for all of these options:



    What in case I want to travel in the opposite direction (Lastovo to Vis)?

    And what is the advantage to avoid traveling via Split?


    For the Lastovo to Vis ferry (in the opposite direction), here are your options:

    1/ Lastovo to Split, early morning, from there ferry to Vis in the afternoon (all Lastovo ferries:

    2/ Lastovo to Hvar, Tuesday early morning, Tuesday afternoon Hvar to Vis

    Regarding traveling via Split: It depends on what are your intentions. If you intend to spend some time in Split, getting via Split is fine, however, Split port gets pretty busy and very warm in the summer, and if you can avoid it, better for you. In my opinion, it is better to spend the day in Hvar waiting for the afternoon ferry than in Split. Also, crossings are shorter and tickets are cheaper too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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