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    This is a great site, but I’d welcome some clearer info for cyclists please.

    I know that bikes are not allowed on catamarans and they are allowed on car ferries, but the ferry between Rab and Novalja is listed as ‘foot passenger only’ and not ‘catamaran’.

    Elsewhere I’ve read that this ferry is a local car ferry so it’s confusing. Does this mean that bikes are allowed on this ferry or not?

    This is also the case for the Lopar to Valbiska ferry.

    I’d really appreciate some extra information as we are going to travel in the next six weeks and need to get our route finalised.

    Many thanks in advance for the advice!


    The Lopar to Valbiska ferry is a car ferry so it takes bicycles.

    Rab to Novalja is not a car ferry so it does not take bicycles.

    So far, quite a lot of the foot passenger ferries do not take bicycles
    I hope it will change in the future.
    Some of the “foot passenger ferries” are catamarans, meaning they are fast passenger ferries with two hulls, but not all of them are catamarans.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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