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    Glad I found this forum – I’ve been going crazy trying to figure out the ferries, looking at conflicting information and out-of-date schedules and my head is about to explode – I hope you can help me!

    We are traveling in late May – I know that means we will have fewer options because May is still considered “winter” for the ferry schedules – if we were there a week later, the “high season” schedules would make travel easier – oh well.

    Anyway, we need to go from Split to Korčula town (on a Tuesday in May).

    Looking over the schedules online (if I am reading them all correctly and they are accurate), it appears that there are 3 different ways we could go from Split to Korčula town:

    Plan A:
    Direct (one boat) on Catamaran Krilo Jet, depart Split 16:00, arrive Korčula 18:20 (boat makes a quick stop in Hvar but not long enough to get out and see the town). This is the simple and shortest way to get there, but the disadvantage is that we would not arrive until 18:20.


    Plan B:
    Semi-direct (one boat), on Jadrolina 604 + bus connection, depart Split 10:30, arrive Vela Luka 14:00 then take  1 hour bus, arrive Korčula town around 15:00. This is a slower boat, but we would arrive in Korčula town a few hours earlier in the day and have more time to spend there (even though it also includes a bus connection).


    Plan C:
    Via Hvar, two different boats…
    Ferry #1: Jadrolina 635, leave Split 08:30, arrive Stari Grad on Hvar Island 10:30, then connect by bus to Hvar town (20 minutes?), arriving in Hvar Town around 11:00.
    Spend 1/2 day in Hvar town, then continue…
    Ferry #2: Catamaran Krilo Jet, leave Hvar Town 17:05, arrive in Korčula town 18:20.
    This is obviously more complicated, but it would give us 1/2 day to see Hvar Town and would still get us to Korčula town at 18:20. The disadvantage of this route is that it’s more complicated, and we would have to leave Split early in the day. But it would allow us a quick visit to see some of the sights in Hvar town.

    My preference would be Plan C.

    My questions are:

    Am I reading these schedules correctly?
    Is this really possible as I describe it above – on a Tuesday in May (“winter” or off-season ferry schedules)?
    Is there anything I have missed here?

    Thanks for any advice!


    Hi & Welcome to our forum

    To the best of our knowledge yes, you are reading schedules correctly and yes, you can do the plan c version of the trip as described.

    Other versions of your plan (a and b) are also doable as described.

    Note –  changes to ferry scheduled are always possible by either ferry company or by government’s body that is regulating it. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it is unlikely.


    Great – thanks Ana.

    Yes, I understand that something may change, but I am glad to hear that my plan does appear to be possible (assuming the schedule does not change or some other surprise happens).  This is great news, since this is the only way we will be able to see Hvar (even though only for half a day) on the way between Split and Korčula.

    Thank you for the very helpful information – I appreciate it.


    The schedules have been very similar for many years now, the government knows any changes only cause confusion.
    The ferries don’t set sail if there’s bad weather, but that’s quite unlikely in May.

    Thank you for the kind words about the website.

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