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    I have 3 questions

    The first is if we are taking a passenger ferry only, how soon should we be at the ferry? Is 30 to 45 minutes before hand sufficient in Venice?

    The second is when arriving in Porec are there hotels within walking distance of the Ferry?

    If not will there be taxis available upon arrival?  9:30 PM?  We are planning on traveling mid Sept.

    And lastly is there food and drink available on the ferry?

    Thank you!


    1. At what time does check-in start and close?

      In Venice and all Croatian Ports, check-in starts 60 minutes before departure and closes is 15 minutes before departure.

      Before departure passengers should ensure that no variations have taken place concerning the vessel’s time and date of sailing indicated on the ticket. Therefore a booking confirmation 24 hrs before departure both on the outgoing and the incoming voyages is recommended.

      Passengers are reminded that if for any reason they fail to perform check-in or board the vessel in the times stipulated above, their ticket is automatically canceled and not refundable.
      2. yes – check the booking.com site for hotels near the ferry port.
      3. check with Veneziaferries what is their latest offer


    Is it possible to get a coffee during the trip?

    Yes. Our vessels are equipped with a bar where you can get coffee, water, juices, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks as well as small snacks such as croissants, toast, sandwiches, chocolates and sweets.
    All payments on board (bar & duty free shop) can only be made in cash. We accept both Euro and Croatian Kuna. The rates of exchange are not necessarily the same as you can find in the local bank.


    I’m interested in the ferry trip, from Porec (Croatia) to Venice (Italy) on the next week.


    On the booking site I saw the page of passengers’ details, that need to give the passport number.
    For the trip, we need to have a passport or enough identity cards and ID numbers?
    Thank you for your answer.


    Sofi, if you are EU citizen, the ID (identity card) or passport should be enough.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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