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    Can you please advise if there are ferries going from Venice to Split on the 29th or 30th of August?

    Can you please advise how long it takes to get from Venice to Split by Ferry?

    What is the cost for 2 people?


    No, there is no direct ferry connection from Venice to Split. it used to be a long time ago but not at the moment. it’s shame as used to be a popular line.
    what you can do nowadays is to take a ferry from Venice to Pula and change there for another one to Zadar and from Zadar take bus to Split. You can also consider a flight to Split from Venice.


    I would like to travel from Venezia to Split on the 28th of june, return 12th of july.

    Passengers: me (1 adult) and my 2 Kids (11 and 8 years old)

    I did not find any possibilities online, aren’t there any?

    Thanks in advance


    Hello, are the ferries operating in February? Either from Venice to Split or to Dubrovnik? Thanks.


    Are the ferries operating in February? Either from Venice or Split to Dubrovnik? Thanks.

    Ancona to Split operates in February.
    From Split to Dubrovnik take alternative routes, listed here:


    If you carefully plan your journey you can reach Split from Venice by ferry with ease, enjoying the crossing and views of the sea and coast from the ferry windows and decks. In this crossing two ferries are involved, Venice-Ancona and Ancona-Split both comfortable and offering good onboard facilities. More info is here:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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