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    I hope you can help with our dilema.

    We are visiting Croatia (flying into Split) on 8th May & flying out of Split on 16 May.

    We had plans to go to Brac for 3 or 4 days then on to Hvar for a night before sailing back to Split..

    As this is out of season we are struggling with getting between them.

    Are there small boats that operate at this time of year?

    Or maybe you could suggest different Islands that would be worth visiting?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated and I Thank you in advance



    Hi Lynda, we have a good news – your travel dates are not out of season!
    There are ferries that operate in May from Split to Brac and Hvar.
    If you would like to book your ferries in advance the best thing is first to get familiar with names of ferry ports on different islands.

    You can find all ferry ports on Brac island here

    and on Hvar island here:

    Check what will work best for you and then book your ferries in advance at
    or at


    Pero Riva

    Stay away from “small boats”. Split to Brac or Brac to Hvar is not something you can do with “small boats” easily, it can be dangerous journey.
    Use only catamarans and ferries listed on this site. They are official public transport ferries and catamarans capable of crossing these channels in any weather.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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