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    Off-season ferry connections for Badija, Stupe and Vrnik

    We will be in Croatia in January and will visit Korcula island.

    We also want to visit Badija, Vrnik, and Stupe islets that are in the vicinity of the island. We intend to get accommodation on the island itself, most probably Lumbarda, and visit these islets as a day trip.
    I have been reading on Tripadvisor that sometimes there are no connections between these islets in the off-season, like December/ January.

    It is likely we will have a car, is there a car ferry that covers these routes?

    If not, which ferry/boat we can use to visit these islets in December/January?

    I can see in your timetables that only timetables for July and August are listed.

    Does it mean there are no connections for the rest of the year?


    Carlos, usually in off season (November to March) there are no regular daily crossings for these small islets. The reason for that is that there are obviously not enough visitors during these months that are interested in the service so people who run the services are not committing to the schedules.

    That’s why we have listed connections for these islets just for July and August. However, the regular services start in April and run all the way to the end of October.

    I would suggest you, once you arrive on the island, park your car and get in touch with one of the local water taxis for a private tour of these islets. They will offer you a tour and make sure that the weather is suitable for sailing on the particular day you chosen.

    Here is a listing of the water taxis that are currently available:

    Also note, there are no car ferries to these islets, as they are car-free zones and there are hardly any roads on them, so you can travel there as a foot passenger only.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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