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    We are on tour with bicycles and are currently cycling on Rab island.

    We would like to cross by bicycle from Rab to Pag island if possible.

    We would like to know if, on Rab to Lun (Tovernele) ferry route, we are able to take the bicycle on the ferry.


    We saw also other routes that are described as passenger ferries only and no bikes, no bikes mean no bicycles or no motorbikes.

    Thank you for your advice and I hope the weather will be fine 😉



    the boat that sails on Rab to Lun (Tovernele) route can carry up to 7 bicycles so yes, you can get your bicycle on board.

    The distance is 4.5 nautical miles and the journey of about 20 minutes.

    The charge for a bike one way is  4.5 to 9 euros, depending on the season.

    The boat’s name is ‘Maslina’ and once you arrive in port, just look for that boat (see it here).

    Try to be in port as early as possible to get space/place for your bike on board.

    Bikes are referred to as bicycles, not motorbikes. Motorbikes are carried on car ferries only.

    Bicycles are often carried on foot passenger ferries/boats/speedboats etc too.

    Regarding weather – check here: https://www.croatiaferries.com/service-status/


    We are 2 travelers with bikes and we would like to follow the eurovelo 8 in Croatia.

    On this page eurovelo8.hr/en/etapa/a3-rab-povljana it is written that it is possible to take a ferry from Rab to Lun.

    Is it possible to take a ferry with a bike? And if so, what is the name of the ferry and what are the departure times for a trip in beginning of May 2023.

    Do we have to book our crossing in advance or is it enough to buy our ticket the same day?

    Thank you for your answers


    Yes, bicycles are allowed on this ferry boat.

    Make sure you are early in the port as it is only 7 bicycles allowed on this small ferry.

    Here is the mobile phone number of the boat captain so get in touch with him to make sure you get your bicycles on board:

    ++385 98 99 11 409

    The boat’s name is “Maslina“.

    I just talked to the ferry company, and they said your bicycles will be taken on board.

    The current timetable is here:

    You will buy your ticket on the spot – just before you enter the ferry.

    Let me know if you need further help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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