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    Can i take ferry from Split and get off in Hvar town?

    If so, is the terminal to catch the ferry at the main Spit ferry terminal?

    I arrive on the 31/08 aiming to catch the 5pm ferry.

    will this sell out if i arrive at the terminal at 3pm?



    yes, take this ferry


    it is very unlikely the ferry will be overcrowded.


    We are flying into Split in mid-August this year. I plan that we can book a ferry on the day once we land and get to the port.
    Do Split-Hvar ferries ever sell out in peak season? How about Split to Brac Island ferries?
    Has anyone found foot passenger tickets sold out in peak season or during school summer holidays?


    I’ve never heard of all tickets being sold out for foot passengers on car ferries.  car ferries are very large and can take hundreds of passengers.

    It is possible for vehicle tickets to sell out as car spaces are limited, but not for foot passengers. Often in those situations, the ferry company adds additional crossings.


    Car ferries don’t sell out for foot passengers, but fast foot passenger ferries, locally called “catamarans” do.

    This may be confusing as some people use the word ferry also for catamarans.

    Here is a catamaran aka foot passenger ferry:


    Agree that car ferries will not sell out for foot passengers but catamarans will.

    Mirela, do you plan to go from Split to Hvar Town or Stari Grad?

    Just make sure you don’t confuse Starigrad and Stari Grad. Starigrad is north of Zadar. Stari Grad is on Hvar island.


    We plan to take the foot passenger ferry to Hvar town. It’s four of us, two adults and two children.

    Stari Grad can also be good for us, I guess, then we can take a bus to Hvar town?


    Yes, foot passenger ferries to Hvar town can get sold out. Would you book it in advance or not it depends on your preferences.

    If your flight arrives early at Split airport, you will most likely be able to get to Hvar Town by foot passenger ferry as numerous ferries are running in the day in August.

    If your flight arrives later in the day, then you will have fewer crossing options.

    But then again, if your flight is late, you may miss your ferry. In that case, go to Hvar island via Stari Grad by large car ferry – it is very comfortable too – have a look at this video:


    Thanks for the clarification, our flight arrives mid-day, and I think we will book in advance as it’s four of us, and would be much easier to cross to Hvar town and avoid bus or car transfer from Stari Grad.

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