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  • Luli G

    My family and I (pax 5) are travelling to Croatia in August.

    We are planning to visit Dubrovnik, Hvar, Korkula and Mljet but we are having problems finding ferries for each track as there are many lines and we do not know which one to buy or if we can take the car with us or not.

    I will really appreciate it if you could help me regarding which line of the ferry to take within each island, and if there is any possibility of booking the ferry in advance.

    If it is not possible to book in advance ferries, do they have a high frequency so as to avoid being left on an island due to limited capacity?

    Thanks very much in advance! It will help me a lot, I am a bit lost


    To explore your possible journeys I suggest you to start with Dubrovnik ferries page

    as well as islands page:

    On each schedules page it is indicated if you can take car by ferry.

    Re possibility of booking the ferry in advance – most of local ferries are not possible to book in advance but it is very unlikely you will be left in an island due to limited capacity.

    Luli G

    Thanks for the information!
    Do you recommend travelling with car within islands? Is it useful?
    And what about having car in Dubrovnik?



    Personally, I don’t take cars on the islands…you can always rent one for a day or two if you need it. Just use buses and ferries to go around.

    The same applies to Dubrovnik > public transport is good, and taxis are always available. Also, it is easy to walk around as it is not a very large city

    No car = no trouble with parking = no trouble with ferry booking = cheaper & happier holiday

    Luli G

    haha trueee!!
    Do you know where it is better to book accommodation on the islands? It is useful or comfortable to be near the old towns on the islands or better to be in the surroundings?
    For example, I know in Korkula there are hotels in the old city of Korkula and other in the city of Lumbarda…

    I am going to Hvar, Korkula and Mjlet. Any recommendations about where to stay on these three exotic islands?



    Where to stay depends of your preferences >> lets say if you have small children you would prefer to be somewhere more peaceful while if you have teenagers with you they can be bored if it is very peaceful.

    Also if you stay in small bays, to visit main attractions (Dubrovnik, Hvar Town, Korcula Town) you will have to travel whereas if you stay close(r) to town centre you can walk there.

    It is hard to recommend something specific as there is such a lot of accommodation available


    I am travelling to Croatia on March and I am planning to visit Mljet, Hvar and Split from Dubrovnik.

    I am just wondering if you can share with me some information regarding the winter season ferry time table.

    I found some online but it seems to be a little bit confusing.

    Thank you.


    We plan to be on the Dalmation coast beginning October 3.

    Can you provide information on the ferry schedules for the month of October?

    Thank you so much.



    all ferry schedules to dalmatian islands are listed at this page

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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