Catamaran Ferry ‘Princ Zadra’ (Miatrade)

Catamaran Ferry ‘Princ Zadra’ is owned by Miatrade Ferry company and is currently sailing on the 9401 ferry route that connects Zadar with Olib via Premuda and Silba.

princ zadra catamaran
Photo: Catamaran Ferry ‘Princ Zadra’ owned by Miatrade mooring in Zadar ferry port (Poluotok)

Princ Zadra, the class of HSC passenger vessels, was built in 1989 in Fjellstrand Norway.

With a length of 38.4 meters and a width of 9.44 meters, this ferry is capable of achieving a maximum speed of 30 knots. Its full capacity is 300 passengers. Onboard facilities include two decks, a comfortable salon, air conditioning, toilets/disabled toilets, pet facilities, a small bar, panoramic sea views, and luggage shelves.

Vessel details

  • HSC passenger vessel
  • 38.4 m long & 9.44 m wide
  • The maximum speed of 30 knots
  • Capacity: 300 foot-passengers
Interior of the ferry
Photo: Interior of the ferry
Passenger seats
Photo: Passenger seats

More photos


This is the video of ‘Princ Zadra’, serving its daily route @ Adriatic Sea, Croatia:

Current Location Map

Here is a map with her current location: