Jadrolinija is a Croatian ferry company that connects most of the Croatian islands to the mainland by regular passenger and car ferry services along the Croatian coast. The company also runs several international routes between Croatia and Italy (Ancona and Bari).  It is a state-owned company and therefore subsidized by the state budget.

Currently, the company has a fleet of 57 vessels including large ferries serving three international car ferry routes across the Adriatic Sea between Croatia and Italy:

It also has 45 smaller ferries, conventional ships, catamarans and hydrofoils serving local routes along the Croatian coast. The popular coastal ferry route from Rijeka to Dubrovnik (via Split, Stari Grad-Hvar, Korcula and Sobra – Mljet) is currently discontinued. The most popular fast ferry route is Split to Hvar and back.

Jadrolinija’s ferries are safe and comfortable, most of them with air-conditioned restaurants, cafes and cabins offering relaxing and enjoyable journeys. Restaurants and cafés on ferries serve a choice of nice hot and cold food as well as a selection of spirits, wines, soft drinks as well as tea and coffee. See some photos of Jadrolinija ferries and check how to book Jadrolinija ferries

Historically, Jadrolinija was founded in Rijeka, Croatia in January 1947 from a fleet of several smaller Croatian companies that have been operating in Adriatic since the 19th century. It was initially named ‘Jadranska linijska plovidba’ which was later changed to a shorter one –  ‘Jadrolinija‘.

Car Ferry Jadrolinija, Croatia


What documents are needed to travel on Jadrolinija’s ferries?

On all international ferry routes (Italy to Croatia) a valid passport or ID card and valid ticket is required

On all local ferry routes, a valid ferry ticket is required as well as a passport or ID card, as required by the country’s laws

How early to arrive for Jadrolinija ferry?

On all international ferry routes (Italy to Croatia) arrive at the port at least 2 hours prior to departure.

On all local ferry routes, try to be in the port at least 45 minutes prior to departure.

WIFI Connections

Do Jadrolinija ferries have WiFi? Yes, on some of the ferries there is a FREE wifi connection but it is not very reliable as part of the routes are in areas that have poor or very weak connectivity, so at the present, the best option is to rely on your own mobile data.


All ferries owned by Jadrolinija are air-conditioned in the interior passenger spaces such as salons, bars, cafes, lounges, and cabins.

Ferry Cabins

On international ferry lines (Croatia to Italy) there are interior and exterior 2 to 4 bed/berth cabins. Some of them include washbasin/sink only while others also include ensuite WC, shower, radio & TV.

Outside (external) cabins have windows while inside (internal) cabins have no natural light. The onboard facilities depend on the ship/boat. The cheapest cabins are the smallest, inside ones and consist of bunk beds. Bed linens, towels, and soaps are provided in all cabins.

On the local (domestic) lines, there are no cabins available.

Reclining seats

On international ferry lines (Croatia to Italy) reclining (lounge) seats are available at additional cost. These seats are similar to seats in the airplane, (also called air or ‘avio’ seats), and are more comfortable than simple deck seats.


There is a non-smoking policy in all interior spaces of the ferry boat/ships. On outside decks, smoking is allowed.

Luggage allowance

Hand luggage up to 20 kg is carried free of charge

Multi-Trip Ticket Types

Unfortunately, there are no multiple journey tickets on Jadrolinija ferries. Each crossing has to be booked separately.

More info:

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