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    Hello there, I wonder if you can help me? My boyfriend and I are planning to do island hopping for 10 days.

    Our planned route is:

    1. Split to Vis
    2. Vis to Hvar
    3. Hvar to Korcula
    4. Korcula back up to Split

    Could you please reassure me that there is a ferry route that goes to and from each of my above routes? Many thanks, Jade


    Could you please reassure me that there is a ferry route that goes to and from each of my above route?


    the map is here


    We would like to book a ferry from Vis to Korcula on Friday 25 June, but I cannot seem to get onto the website?
    Where else can I book this? Thank you in advance


    Monica, there is no direct ferry between two islands. Book Vis to Split, click orange button at Jadrolinija page and another ferry from Split to Korcula, click at orange button here:


    Update 2024: This ferry crossing is not available in 2024

    Update >> Introduction of new ferry crossing:

    The new fast-passenger ferry line from Makarska via Bol, Hvar, and Vis to Split will start in a few days. TP Line’s ( fast catamaran will have a daily, morning departure from Makarska returning in the evening on the same route.

    This is going to be a great option for island hopping in central Dalmatia, its arrival schedule in Hvar will be adjusted with the departure of the daily fast route from Split and Hvar towards Korcula, Mljet and Dubrovnik.

    For example, from now on, you can travel daily on the route from Hvar to Vis and back which was previously available on Tuesdays only.

    Check relevant schedule pages for timetable updates and booking options here:




    We are hoping to do an Island hopping holiday travelling from Split to Korcula then return to Split next summer, stopping off at each island for one or two nights.
    Is it possible to buy a combined ticket without having to purchase each trip individually? Many thanks


    Mariola, at the present, it is not possible to buy a combined ticket without having to purchase each trip individually. It may become available in the future but right now you have to buy each ticket separately.


    Hello, we have a rental car and I have booked accommodations on Brac (Bol) Sept 13 and on Hvar Sep 14-15 then return to Split Sept 16.

    Is this possible to bring the car along?

    If not is it possible to leave the car in the ferry lot in Split to return 3 days later?

    Warm regards


    Yes, you can take the car to Brac and Hvar islands.

    Use these ferry lines:

    1/ Split – Supetar (Brac)

    2/ Split – Stari grad (Hvar)

    3/ Makarska – Sumartin (Brac)

    4/ Drvenik – Sucuraj ( Hvar)

    You can buy your tickets here:

    Here are some articles to refer to:

    Island Hopping from Split

    Hvar Island Hopping

    and yes, you can leave your car in the Split long-term parking lot and get on foot passenger ferries to both islands.


    We are doing a number of islands this year. I understand that it is not possible to travel by car ferries between Brač, Hvar, Korčula and Vis islands, not necessarily in that order, without having to double back to the mainland (Split, Makarska, Drvenik).
    We’ll have a car and plan to spend 2-3 nights on each island. Is it feasible to get a passenger ferries/catamaran or private boats that can take us without a car to travel between islands and then rent a car on each island?


    Yes, there are no car ferries between any of those islands so yes, you have to get back to the mainland to access another island.

    I recommend you to keep the car despite the complications to get from one island to another.

    It is easier to keep the car than to try to hire a car on each island, if you even can, which mainly depends on the season of your travel.

    It’s always nice to have a car on the islands to explore and detours take just about a couple of hours.

    Refer to the above articles for the best island hopping options in the area.

    The alternative is to use a taxi on the islands (as in the below photo – a taxi is waiting for all passenger ferries) but bear in mind that a taxi may be expensive and car rental works out cheaper is you get to multiple destinations.


    My question is about Croatia ferry public transport timing:  I am doing four days of island hopping around Split in September this year. I booked all ferry tickets already, and I was just wondering are the ferries something you have to arrive half an hour or 40 minutes early too? I am taking the Jadrolinija and Krilo ferry, for reference.


    Fred, Split is a large port so I’d do at least 40 minutes there just to make sure I find the right dock.

    Docks in Split Port are 5-10 minutes walking apart and if you have luggage it may take longer, especially on warm/hot days – look at the map:

    On the islands, in the small ports, you can come just 10 minutes earlier. You’ll be able to see the ferry arriving and if you find a strategic table/seat in a local cafe, you can sit there until the last minute, (if you wish).

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