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    I’m planning to drive from Plitvice National Park to Rab town, using the Jablanac – Misnjak ferry.  This is the short car ferry that connects the southern end of Rab Island to the mainland.

    I can not seem to find this ferry route listed on this otherwise excellent website – maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, or maybe it has not been added yet (I think this website is new? it’s new to me).

    I have found a timetable for this ferry online here and also here.

    We are planning to drive all the way from Plitvice to Rab town, on a Friday in May (I’m assuming this drive will be 3-4 hours, plus the ferry).  The next day (Saturday), we’re planning to drive back to the mainland using the same ferry, and then continue south.

    From what I’ve read in guide books and from what I’ve seen online, this ferry seems to run frequently (about every 60 – 90 minutes) during the day and early evening.  The crossing is short – only 15 minutes.

    But I have seen complaints posted online from drivers who said they got to this ferry and had to wait in line for many hours.  I can imagine that any ferry will be busy during the peak summer season (July-August).  We will be going in May, but we will be trying to use the ferry on both a Friday and a Saturday, which I assume are busy days.

    Here are my questions…

    1. Are the ferry schedules I found (links above) correct and current for this ferry?
    2. What can I expect for waiting time for this ferry on a Friday and Saturday in mid-May? I don’t mind waiting a little while for a ferry – that’s to be expected – but if it is likely that the ferry will get backed up and we may have to wait in line for several hours, I would like to know so we can plan for that.
    3. Is there anything else I should know about taking this ferry?

    We only have 1 day on Rab Island and I hope to spend most of that time enjoying the town, so I want to minimize waiting in line for the ferry if I can.

    Thanks very much for any information and advice you can offer – this forum is a great resource and I appreciate it!


    Yes this is a brand new site, we are still wokring on it, so not all ferry routes are uploaded yet.

    However, Jablanac – Misnjak route is now live with updated schedules for 2012 – have a look:





    re waiting time:

    As you will be using this ferry in May it is very unlikely, even on weekend, that you will have to wait for long hours.

    This is a very frequent and established ferry line run by local company (Rapska Plovidba) serving this short distance route over the channel and it should be fine in May.

    If its winter time, when strong Bura wind is blowing, it could be sometimes unpredictable, but in May it should be nice and enjoyable


    Thank you so much Ana, perfect information.

    I must say, this site is really excellent. For those of us planning a trip to Croatia from far away, the complex ferry system can be very challenging to understand. This site presents the details in easy-to-understand format that’s just right. And having the forum also to get additional information that’s not listed in the schedules (like what to expect for waiting time) is very, very valuable. It’s all very well done, and I will recommend it to anyone trying to plan a trip to Croatia.

    Thank you for all the hard work this site represents, and for your help!



    there is some news about this ferry that may be relevant for your travel in May:

    New Ferry Port Stinica in operation from May 2012

    best wishes

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