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Venezia Lines is a high-speed catamaran/ ferry company that is operating in the North Adriatic, connecting the North Adriatic’s coasts of Italy and Croatia.

It was established in 2003  backed by the technical experience of Virtu Ferries Ltd operator of high-speed ferries for the past 20 years. Venezia Lines is currently utilizing 2 vessels, San Frangisk and her sister vessel San Pawl, both with a capacity of 310 passengers. They are currently sailing on routes between Venice, Italy, and the ports of PiranPorec, PulaUmag, RabacMali Losinj, and Rovinj.

Venezia Lines is by far the fastest carrier between these ports, averaging a speed of approx 35 knots. This service, operational between April and October, provides visitors to the Istria Peninsula with the opportunity of visiting Venice on one of the company’s popular day trips to Venice.

Captains and crew on Venezia Lines ferries have many years of professional experience at sea on various vessels and are specialists in the North Adriatic having sailed for many years.

Venezia Lines head office:

Venezia Lines’ head office is located in Porec, Croatia, with a subsidiary office in Venice.

Venezia Lines Doo
Trg Matije Gupca 11 – 52440 Porec – Croatia
Tel: +385 52 422 896 Fax: +385 52 422 894

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