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UTO Kapetan Luka, also known as ‘Krilo’ is a Croatian ferry operator with its head office based in Krilo Jesenice, near Split, Croatia.

UTO Kapetan Luka, Krilo Jesenice, Croatia

The company was established in 1889, initially started as a small cargo ship carrier, later on in the 1970s becoming a cruising, excursions, and day trip ship operator.

In the early 2000s, the company developed its fast catamaran ferry services which are, besides its cruising ships, currently in operation. The most popular fast catamaran ferry service is Split to Dubrovnik and back as well as Split to Hvar and back.


At the present, UTO Kapetan Luka has a fleet of several vessels including the motor yacht ‘Kapetan Luka’ as well as a fleet of very fast foot passenger ferry/catamarans, including Krilo, Krilo Jet, Krilo Eclipse, Krilo Star, and Krilo Lux.

Kapetan Luka’s ferries are fast and comfortable, offering enjoyable sailings. They are run by experienced and helpful captains and sailors who are in charge of the vessels.

Where to buy tickets

You can buy ferry tickets for Kapetan Luka ferries at the following offices:


Here are some photos and other info about the company’s catamaran fast ferries, tickets, etc:

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(See other photos of ferries and check the company’s home page here

Fast catamaran owned by Kapetan Luka (Krilo)

Conversation at ferry forum:


Above video: Catamaran ‘Krilo Nomadic’, the latest addition to the fleet, sailing on the route from Split via Hvar to Korcula and back.

Ferry company Kapetan Luka runs the following routes:

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