Ferry ‘Dubrovnik’ (Jadrolinija)


Car and foot passenger ferry ‘Dubrovnik’ is owned by Jadrolinija ferry company, Rijeka since 1996.

Ferry Dubrovnik was built in Cork, Ireland in 1979 for Irish B&I Line (nowadays Irish Ferries), initially named Connacht, and in 1988 sold to Brittany Ferries, and renamed Duchesse Anne. It is just over 122 meters long and 19 meters wide with a speed of 20 knots. In 1996 the ferry was sold to Jadrolinija and renamed MV Dubrovnik, and since then it has served ferry routes between Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Bari (Italy).

The ferry has a capacity of 1300 passengers and 300 cars. There are also two restaurants, a cafe, a bar, a small shop, a chapel, a TV lounge, and a children’s playroom.

Named after the beautiful Dubrovnik town, it also has 148 cabins with 457 beds and 384 reclining seats. Currently serving Jadrolinija‘s ferry route 54 connecting ferry port Bari with Dubrovnik.

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Update 2022:

Jadrolinija is selling ferry Dubrovnik: – Jadrolinija launched a tender for the sale of the ‘Dubrovnik’ ferry. As announced in the tender, which is valid until March 2023, the ship is currently on offer for the price of 2,850,000 euros. What will be the fate of the ship, whether it will be sold or will go to the ship’s scrap yard, is not yet known. At the moment, it seems that the Montenegro ferry company Barska Plovidba is interested in buying it to get it on Bari to Bar (Montenegro) and back route. Let’s see what happens… Stay tuned for further updates.